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com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PoiObject (Poi parent)
void parse (JSONObject jsonPoiObject) throws JSONException
ArvosObject getObject (long time, List< ArvosObject > arvosObjects)
void stop ()
void start (long time)
void onClick ()

Static Public Member Functions

static float[] parseVec3f (JSONObject jsonObject, String name) throws JSONException
static float[] parseVec4f (JSONObject jsonObject, String name) throws JSONException

Public Attributes

int mId
String mName
String mTexture
String mBillboardHandling
long mStartTime
long mDuration
boolean mLoop
boolean mIsActive
List< String > mOnClickUrls
List< String > mOnClickActivates
List< String > mOnClickDeactivates
List< String > mOnDurationEndUrls
List< String > mOnDurationEndActivates
List< String > mOnDurationEndDeactivates
float[] mStartPosition
float[] mEndPosition
float[] mStartScale
float[] mEndScale
float[] mStartRotation
float[] mEndRotation
long mTimeStarted
Poi mParent
Bitmap mBitmap

Detailed Description

A poi object as shown in the opengl view.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.PoiObject ( Poi  parent)

Create a poi object.

parentThe poi the object belongs to.

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Member Function Documentation

ArvosObject com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.getObject ( long  time,
List< ArvosObject arvosObjects 

Returns the arvos object to be drawn in the opengl view.

timeThe current time.
arvosObjectsList of previous objects.
The object.

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.onClick ( )

Handles a click on the object.

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.parse ( JSONObject  jsonPoiObject) throws JSONException

Parses one poi object.

jsonPoiObjectThe JSON input to parse.
JSONExceptionJSON parse exception.

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static float [] com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.parseVec3f ( JSONObject  jsonObject,
String  name 
) throws JSONException

Parses 3 float values, x, y, and z.


Definition at line 218 of file

static float [] com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.parseVec4f ( JSONObject  jsonObject,
String  name 
) throws JSONException

Parses 4 float values, x, y, z and a.


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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.start ( long  time)

Called when the animation of the object starts.

timeThe current time.

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.stop ( )

Called when the animation of the object stops.

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Member Data Documentation

String com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mBillboardHandling

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Bitmap com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mBitmap

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long com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mDuration

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float [] com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mEndPosition

Definition at line 67 of file

float [] com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mEndRotation

Definition at line 73 of file

float [] com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mEndScale

Definition at line 70 of file

int com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mId

Definition at line 47 of file

boolean com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mIsActive

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boolean com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mLoop

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String com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mName

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List<String> com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mOnClickActivates

Definition at line 59 of file

List<String> com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mOnClickDeactivates

Definition at line 60 of file

List<String> com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mOnClickUrls

Definition at line 58 of file

List<String> com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mOnDurationEndActivates

Definition at line 63 of file

List<String> com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mOnDurationEndDeactivates

Definition at line 64 of file

List<String> com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mOnDurationEndUrls

Definition at line 62 of file

Poi com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mParent

Definition at line 76 of file

float [] com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mStartPosition

Definition at line 66 of file

float [] com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mStartRotation

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float [] com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mStartScale

Definition at line 69 of file

long com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mStartTime

Definition at line 52 of file

String com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mTexture

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long com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.PoiObject.mTimeStarted

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