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com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Augment ()
String parse (String input)
List< ArvosObjectgetObjects (long time, List< ArvosObject > arvosObjects)
void addClick (int id)

Static Public Member Functions

static String parse (String input, List< Augment > result)

Public Attributes

String mName
String mUrl
String mAuthor
String mDescription
Float mLongitude
Float mLatitude
String mDeveloperKey
LinkedList< PoimPois

Detailed Description

An augment as shown in the augment viewer.

Contains a list of pois.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.Augment ( )

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Member Function Documentation

void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.addClick ( int  id)

Handles a click on an object in the opengl view.

idThe id of the object clicked.

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List<ArvosObject> com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.getObjects ( long  time,
List< ArvosObject arvosObjects 

Returns the list of all objects to be drawn for the augment in the opengl view.

timeThe current time.
arvosObjectsThe previous list of objects.
Returns the list of all objects.

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static String com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.parse ( String  input,
List< Augment result 

Parses the JSON format augment list downloaded from the web.

inputThe input in JSON format.
resultThe list of augments to parse to.
"OK" or "ER" followed by the error message.

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String com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.parse ( String  input)

Fills the properties of one augment by parsing a description in JSON format downloaded from the web.

inputThe augment description in JSON format.
"OK" or "ER" followed by the error message.

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Member Data Documentation

String com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.mAuthor

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String com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.mDescription

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String com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.mDeveloperKey

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Float com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.mLatitude

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Float com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.mLongitude

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String com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.mName

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LinkedList<Poi> com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.mPois

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String com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.Augment.mUrl

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