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com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer:
com.mission_base.arviewer_android.IArvosLocationReceiver com.mission_base.arviewer_android.IArvosHttpReceiver

Public Member Functions

void onHttpResponse (String url, String error, String text, Bitmap bitmap)
void onLocationChanged (boolean isNew, Location location)
boolean onCreateOptionsMenu (Menu menu)
boolean onOptionsItemSelected (MenuItem item)

Public Attributes

ArvosCameraView mCameraView = null
ArvosGLSurfaceView mGLSurfaceView = null
ArvosTextView mTextView = null
ArvosRadarView mRadarView = null

Protected Member Functions

void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
void onResume ()
void onPause ()

Detailed Description

The augment viewer application.

Shows the camera view, overlays it with the augment being shown an opengl view and overlays both with the radar view.


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Member Function Documentation

void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.onCreate ( Bundle  savedInstanceState)

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boolean com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.onCreateOptionsMenu ( Menu  menu)

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.onHttpResponse ( String  url,
String  error,
String  text,
Bitmap  bitmap 

Handles http responses of asynchronous http requests.

urlThe url of the requested file.
errorThe error if any.
textThe contents of a text file downloaded.
bitmapThe contents of an image file downloaded.

Implements com.mission_base.arviewer_android.IArvosHttpReceiver.

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.onLocationChanged ( boolean  isNew,
Location  location 

Handles asynchronous location updates.

isNewA flag set when the location is new.
locationThe location received.

Implements com.mission_base.arviewer_android.IArvosLocationReceiver.

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boolean com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.onOptionsItemSelected ( MenuItem  item)

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.onPause ( )

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.onResume ( )

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Member Data Documentation

ArvosCameraView com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.mCameraView = null

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ArvosGLSurfaceView com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.mGLSurfaceView = null

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ArvosRadarView com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.mRadarView = null

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ArvosTextView com.mission_base.arviewer_android.viewer.ArvosViewer.mTextView = null

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