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com.mission_base.arviewer_android.ArvosLocationListener Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for com.mission_base.arviewer_android.ArvosLocationListener:

Public Member Functions

 ArvosLocationListener (LocationManager locationManager, IArvosLocationReceiver receiver)
void onResume ()
void onPause ()
void onLocationChanged (Location location)
void onProviderDisabled (String provider)
void onProviderEnabled (String provider)
void onStatusChanged (String provider, int status, Bundle extras)

Protected Member Functions

boolean isBetterLocation (Location location, Location currentBestLocation)

Detailed Description

Listens for location updates from the LocationManager.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.mission_base.arviewer_android.ArvosLocationListener.ArvosLocationListener ( LocationManager  locationManager,
IArvosLocationReceiver  receiver 

Creates a new listener.

locationManagerThe location manager to listen to.
receiverThe receiver of the location updates.

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Member Function Documentation

boolean com.mission_base.arviewer_android.ArvosLocationListener.isBetterLocation ( Location  location,
Location  currentBestLocation 

Determines whether one Location reading is better than the current Location fix

locationThe new Location that you want to evaluate
currentBestLocationThe current Location fix, to which you want to compare the new one

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.ArvosLocationListener.onLocationChanged ( Location  location)

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.ArvosLocationListener.onPause ( )

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.ArvosLocationListener.onProviderDisabled ( String  provider)

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.ArvosLocationListener.onProviderEnabled ( String  provider)

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.ArvosLocationListener.onResume ( )

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void com.mission_base.arviewer_android.ArvosLocationListener.onStatusChanged ( String  provider,
int  status,
Bundle  extras 

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